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All images and information included in this document and the LatenTech website are current and accurate as of date created.  LatenTech has used reasonable care in preparing the information and images included herein, but do not warrant that such information is free of error. 

Content can be subject to update as and when deemed necessary and we reserve the right to make changes to product hardware, software, packaging and any accompanying documentation, including images or technical and functional information relating to them without prior written notice.  

Information contained in product resources is for illustrative purposes only, with the user fully responsible for the incorporation of them during installation and configuration. 

LatenTech assumes no responsibility for any damage or losses incurred by the user or third parties arising from the use of these features, technology, software, or information, or resulting from errors in or omissions from the information included herein.

Before ordering, installing or configuring any LatenTech product, we recommend contacting your authorized LatenTech representative or LatenTech directly to ensure you have the latest product information.

Please also pay careful and regular attention to additional or updated information published through the LatenTech website to ensure correct installation and application of products.

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