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Already working ?? Kindly read the rules explained and informed to all employee's at the time of joining.






Rules explained and accepted by Existing employee working with the company SMART PRODUCTS INDIA


  • If an employee left without prior intimation, all bonuses are automatically stand canceled and adjusted with Salary. Minimum 1-month notice in writing is required from the employee.


  • The bonus is only allowed to be redeemed if the employee works for full 1 year from the date of joining, otherwise, it is adjusted with the salary.


  • Company does not pay salary for days, if an employee leaves in between any day of month without informing in writing, then he/she is not liable for any salary from the company or even salary to be adjusted, it will be adjusted with the expense and bonuses if given and Minimum 7 days salary is not adjusted for any employee who left without any prior intimation in writing.


  • The expense of placement is also adjusted with the Salary of the employee who does not work for complete 1 year and leaves without prior information in writing and left the job on his/her own will in between any day of the working month.

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