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LatenTech 9000 Enterprise

Bigger conference rooms demands more connections. Now more users can join together. LatenTech 9000 Enterprise was designed to bring the wireless sharing experience to bigger and larger conference rooms, boardroom and high-end meeting rooms.

Keeping up with all the features, the LatenTech 9000 Enterprise bundles with 4 buttons.

Upto 4 Laptop or MacBook users and unlimited mobile device users can connect and share their presentation to LatenTech 9000 Enterprise. It also offers Airplay and Android Screen mirroring for truly BYOD Connectivity in a conference room.

LatenTech 9000 Ent includes all the features of base model.

It includes 4 LTU buttons as a bundle pack.

Download PDF
Download PDF

Group Collaboration

Take sharing to a new level. Encourage people to work together, and nurture every idea.

Group collaboration and letting everyone join the meeting quickly, Latentech makes a new way to meetings.

Start your meeting with confidence

Latentech is so easy to use you can count on it for every meeting. There’s no training required. And it’s highly intuitive – so your guests have nothing to worry about Just press the button and start sharing.


Wireless presentation with one press of a button

The USB transmitter button LTU can wirelessly mirror or extend the desktop of PC/Laptop to the base unit which is connected to the main display, all with a press of a button. Maximum 14 buttons can be synced with 1 Base Unit.

No cables

Latentech button is USB powered and Latentech app is available for all the mobile platforms. With no Special converter or port, no need to use any cable, your meeting will be more effective as you Save time in setting up.


No installation

Click Share Present ! When you plug the USB button, there is no installation required, you only need to run the EXE file and press the button to start presenting. Once you remove the button, Latentech leaves no file on your PC or Mac.


Zero configurations, Zero Learning, Zero Setup

Zero installation, Zero waiting to join. Ideas should keep on flowing. Anyone can start with a click of a button without any training. You will no longer need to tolerate the problems of cables anymore.


4K Output and POE

Zero configurations and no need to change your PC resolution. Simply press and your screen will be mirrored within seconds. 4K output and POE, is something what a latest conference room demands.


Cross Platform

Share your content with whatever device you’re using. Connect the button to share from your laptop, or use the free Latentech app for mobile devices – available for Android and iOS.


Present from iOS or Android

Latentech app is for everyone, share your content and easily annotate and share it. Share any photo’s, videos or Microsoft office docs instantly from your tablet or smartphone. Download and you are done. No connectors, No cables required for connection. A user cans also Remote view what’s showing on the screen. It also supports Airplay for iOS devices and Screen mirroring for Android devices.

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