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A New wireless way to share your Presentation

LatenTech 9000

Wireless Meeting Room Presentation System

Your meetings will never be the same again

Share your content and creative ideas together. Simply share your laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen Bring people, content and ideas together. And make sharing easier in every meeting, all with a simple click. It allows upto 14 users to connect simultaneously,

with only 1 user at a time.

It features POE, 4K HDMI output, USB for Touch screen control, Line audio input

and 4K HDMI input.

Wireless presentation with one press of a button

Bring Latentech to your meeting and conference room where sharing can be done with just one press of a button, without the need of any training. Simply plug the USB and press the button the share you desktop on the large display. Latentech has it all, Pc, Mac, tablet or Smartphone.

A truly BYOD device for your meeting room.

The Quickest Way to Share Your Presentations

· Connect the button to the USB-port of PC/Mac

· Press the button

· Start Sharing your Presentation

Group Collaboration

Take sharing to a new level. Encourage people to work together. And nurture every idea. Group collaboration and letting everyone join the meeting quickly, LatenTech makes a new way to meetings.


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