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Why do I Need LatenTech?

Updated: May 16, 2023

It's all about simplicity

When you walk into a meeting, you shouldn't have to worry whether your wireless presentation system will work or not. That's why we designed LatenTech to work across different platforms, so anyone can walk into your meeting room and connect within seconds.


9 in 10 office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings.

No more wasted time changing the resolution. With LatenTech, your screen gets mirrored to the highest resolution automatically with current ratio on the main presentation display.

51% of our respondents believe in the power and effectiveness of technology that works with the touch of one single button. No more cable frustration to get a projector going, no more calling IT for help and no more missed deadlines and wasting time.


What’s the point of making it wireless, if it only works for some people?

The real worry in today’s meeting room is that you never know if you will be able to connect. With LatenTech, everyone can connect, it’s a truly BYOD device.

44% of the respondents believe that sharing from any device should make meetings more productive and that includes sharing content from your own mobile phone or tablet. Be connected and collaborate faster with the right digital tools, fit for BYOD.



Remote view on your mobile device

Our mobile apps can mirror the entire screen of your mobile device, and also can show only content from your mobile through the LatenTech app.

During streaming, the audience can also view your presentation on their Mobile device using the Remote view feature on the LatenTech app.


44% of our survey respondents believe that the absence of cables in a meeting room will make meetings easier. Wireless technology is a must when increasing efficiency and speeding up decision-making in your meetings.

Why your meeting room needs wireless presentation systems

  • Easy to set up

  • Less calling IT person

  • Increased productivity

  • BYOD

  • Better looking conference room

The Problems in meeting room

  • Meetings with tech issues take 36% longer.

  • 70% of people who attend meetings find technology issues to be a frustration.

  • On average it takes 23 minutes to fix meeting room problems.

  • 53% of people agree that their organization should invest in better technology for meetings.

Answers using LatenTech

  • 86% of people confirm they saved time during the meeting using LatenTech.

  • 94% of LatenTech users like the ease of us.

  • 94% of people believe technology that works at the touch of a button helps meetings go smoothly and without stress.

  • 93% of LatenTech users confirm it increases meeting efficiency.

What Others Say

“LatenTech ensures that meetings can start quicker”

“The ease of use improves meeting productivity”

“People participate more actively which leads to better meeting results”


Presentations just got a lot more productive. See how LatenTech frees you from cables, connectors and confusion.


LatenTech works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices to stream content to the big screen without wires.

Use the LatenTech app to let anyone make a wireless presentation quickly and easily.

Automatic Screen layout

Focus on your presentation, don’t worry about the resolution.

It will be automatically full screen.

Switch between presenters quickly and easily, with just one click.

No cables and no layout issue.

Better meetings with the LatenTech Wireless Presentation System.

“IT, never get called in just to start a meeting”

“This is going to make your life way easier”

“Set up every room in minutes”

Why do I Need LatenTech?

Enables idea sharing in meetings from anyone's Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.

Share images, graphs, data and information from your laptop or mobile device, on a presentation screen.

Cost effective solution compared to expensive wired setups.

Increases engagement in meetings by offering an extra dimension for sharing information.

Improves decision making by allowing quick and easy comparison of ideas.

Easily integrated into your current meeting room arrangement, keeping setup costs low.

Meetings & Huddle Space

BYOD & Collaborate

LatenTech offers collaboration for any size meeting room, conference room or executive boardroom. Connect wirelessly with your own device, collaborate efficiently and engage effectively with everyone in the meeting.

Making the switch from Click share? Looking for a better wireless collaboration solution? Don’t accept mediocrity.

Leverage your existing AV investment and boost meeting ROI.

LatenTech leverages the display and AV panel you have in your conference room - providing better performance and more capabilities than Click Share at a lower price point.

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