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Wireless Presentation System Round-Up

As organizations place a greater emphasis on collaboration and implement active meeting models they are transforming meeting rooms into collaborative spaces. To facilitate this collaboration, organizations are seeking solutions for wireless connectivity of mobile devices (tablets, smart phones, laptops) to their presentation systems.

Clarify Your Wireless Presenting Needs

  1. What presentation style is most commonly used?

  • Do presenters stand up and interact directly with the display?

  • Do presenters face the audience from a podium?

  • Do presenters walk around the room?

  1. What percentage of presenters uses laptops, tablets, smart phones or thumb drives?

  2. Do presenters use full motion video from YouTube or other file formats?

  3. Do you want electronic white boarding to annotate and save images?

  4. How large is the group viewing the presentation from within the room?

  5. How many people need to share their content to the display?

  6. Do people collaborate and share content without a moderator?

  7. Will others, not on your network, connect to the presentation system through a web browser?

  8. Will you share information between rooms, buildings and remote locations?

  9. Is your IT group interested in putting the wireless presentation system on the network?


Following are some of the wireless presentation options available for professional applications.


LatenTech makes it easy to instantly access and share information with others in your meeting. Enzo is a flexible platform for meeting rooms that provide instant on, instant access to content, instant meeting start and instant sharing. It offers wireless screen mirroring of your laptop or mobile device and up to 4 images can be displayed at once. This device takes a slightly different approach by allowing your documents, spreadsheets, power points and photos to be downloaded directly to the Enzo device so your presentations can be viewed without any other laptop or mobile device in the room at all. Any downloaded documents are automatically discarded at the end of your meeting.

Barco ClickShare CSM-1 and CSC-1

If you want the security of a wired connection or can’t use your Wi-Fi network then Barco’s ClickShare might be the answer. Users plug in a USB device, called a ClickShare button, which then pairs via its own Wi-Fi with an in-room base station, click the LTU button and start sharing. The Wi-Fi connectivity is limited to connections between buttons and the base unit, which connects to the display via DVI-I. The CSM-1 is a single display, two user system and the CSC-1 is a dual display, four user system. Both systems allow for 30FPS video.

Christie Brio Team (+)

Individuals can quickly connect to the unit and wirelessly share information with others in the same room. Features integrated Wi-Fi, AirPlay and WiDi receivers, and requires no additional drivers and has no external dongles to buy, break or lose. The Team + adds WAP and full HD video at 60Hz.

Christie Brio Enterprise

Integrates smoothly into the local area network for access to Internet and network services. Any content from devices connected to Brio Enterprise units can be shared across all the displays in the same collaborative session regardless of geographical locations.

Crestron AirMedia

Enables any display to wirelessly accept images from laptops, tablets or cell phones. Just connect the AirMedia device with HDMI and VGA/analog audio outputs above a projector or behind a flat panel display, download a free app and start sharing. An enterprise version is available for laptops to allow users to connect to any room with a single mouse click. Moderator control features.

Extron ShareLink

ShareLink provides simultaneous viewing of different types of content from up to four personal devices. This wireless gateway includes many integration-friendly features such as collaboration and moderator modes, Power over Ethernet, and an integrated wireless access point. Dropbox integration allows easy access to content in the cloud. Moderator modes ensure only approved content is displayed. In spaces with site line concerns the displayed content can be viewed on a personal device through a web browser.

Kramer VIA Connect Pro and VIA Collage

VIA Connect Pro provides simultaneous viewing of different types of content from up to four personal devices. With any laptop or mobile device users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat participants simultaneously. Whiteboarding features allow for annotation of shared documents. Full 1080P/60 video capability. The VIA Collage does all the above and adds the following features. Full Quad Core PC capability with a 64GB SSD. Shows 6 simultaneous devices on one screen or 12 devices on dual displays. It supports 3rd party applications like Skype, MS Lync, MS Office, GotoMeeting, Webex, etc.

Mersive Solstice

Mersive Solstice POD Unlimited provides simultaneous viewing of different types of content from an unlimited number of personal devices. Full 1080P/60 video capability as well as 4K compatibility. Built in WAP.

Montage Display Note

Montage provides simultaneous viewing of different types of content from up to 12 personal devices. Full 1080P/60 video capability and annotation. Remote desktop control, gesture driven touch interface, wifi access point. Take control of any PC from the main display.

Wolfvision Cynap

Cynap provides simultaneous viewing of different types of content from up to 4 personal devices. Airplay and Miracast mirroring. Full 1080P/60 video capability compatibility up to 4k UHD output resolution. Digital whiteboard and annotation features. Provides for recording and web streaming for live or on-demand viewing. Built in WAP. Cloud services are available. Live or on-demand streaming.

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