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How to Apply The Wireless Presentation in The Workplace?

Meetings are part of every organization, but that doesn’t mean all meetings are productive. We believe many of you can easily recall painful and bad meeting experiences. According to the statistics, 15% of an organization’s time is spent in meetings, which has increased every year since 2008. Too often meetings can feel frustrating, disruptive and needlessly time-consuming.

In our professional lives, we take considerable time and resources to prepare meetings. Most of them keep employees from working and completing tasks. It’s not just a waste of time but also a waste of money for companies. It’s important to let every employee know how to conduct efficient meetings. At the same time, the organizations should make an effort to create a collaboration-friendly environment to improve meetings.

Preparing reports for meetings is already exhausting. Before the meeting, employees even need to take 5-10 minutes to set up everything. However, things don’t need to be complicated. The wireless presentation system is the answer to solve annoying issues in meeting rooms. Here are the reasons:

  • The meeting moderator doesn’t need to take extra time to set up the device

With the wire-based environment, employees always need to worry if the cable doesn’t work. What’s more, it takes time to set up. The best part of the wireless presentation solution is that the setup only takes less than 10 seconds and you can start sharing the presentation in no time.

  • Every employee can easily manage the system

There’s no redundant or complicated feature in LatenTech AV wireless presentation solution. The intuitive UI allows everyone to easily share the presentation. The workflow is also simple, so organizations don’t need to worry if employees have a hard time learning the system.

  • Employees can do the presentation with the device they like

In a company, we have different job positions like sales, marketing, engineers, designers and so on. Everyone has their preferable tools to work with. With a wireless presentation system, it allows people to use Windows PC, MacBook, iPhone or Android smartphone to do the presentation in the meeting room. Every employee can smoothly present their project progress and ideas. No one needs to struggle with wires.

  • The moderator can avoid private and awkward chat pop-ups during the presentation

During the presentation, we often see the moderator’ s chat pop up. Then we know what he or she will eat in the afternoon or even worse, the moderator talks bad about someone. The wireless presentation system can let the moderator choose to share the desktop’s screen or the content of one particular application. With the “Window Sharing” feature, everyone can keep the personal privacy during the presentation.

  • Employees have the flexibility to move tables and seats for different meeting purposes

If there’s a spacious meeting room in the company, and it’s equipped with many displays. With the wireless presentation solution, the moderator can easily show different content on different displays without additional cords. If employees only need to use one display for brainstorming, they can also move the seats and tables for better collaboration.

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