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Updated: Apr 19

Choosing the right AV equipment for your business - essential part of running a successful operation. Imagine a situation, your colleague plugs in and unplugs the HDMI cable several times, but the projector remains blank. Everyone in the meeting room just sits there and waits. It’s a waste of time and embarrassing? If the AV equipment you choose is too complicated and not easy to learn, your employees may give up adopting it.

This article will provide you how to choose the best AV equipment for your employees:

Understand Your Employees’ Needs

Before you make any decisions, you need to understand what your employees need. To create a better environment for hybrid work, you can make a survey to know your employees’ needs. The feedback should guide your selection process.

Look at the Features

If you’re looking to purchase AV equipment, consider what features will benefit your employees the most, or you can check features based on the survey feedback you get. For instance, if you’re planning to use the equipment for presentations, you can first check if it supports all your employees’ work devices, then you should ensure that remote workers can be seen and heard in the meeting.

Check Out the Reviews

Before purchasing AV equipment, make sure to check out reviews online. This will give you a good idea of how well the product performs and whether other people had similar experiences.

Check The Management System

There are people using AV equipment, at the same time, there are people managing the equipment. It’s important that the AV equipment has an easy-to-use. That can save your IT staff time and your IT staff can leave time on other tasks.

Check The Warranty and Services

When you choose the AV equipment, you can also check if you can get the technical support easily. A warranty ensures you of the product quality. It’s a testament to the full confidence the company has in its product. We strongly suggest you check the warranty and services before purchase.

The hybrid working and remote working let people to freely choose the tools they want to work with. You need to upgrade your AV equipment to guarantee productivity. Some like to use Windows laptops, some like to use MacBook. A wireless presentation system is without doubt a must-have in your workplace. LatenTech AV Astrogate Wireless Presentation System allow everyone to use their own devices to share the presentation. People can walk in the meeting room and start presenting in seconds.

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