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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Meeting Rooms Problems

Meetings are an inescapable element of running a business. With the rise of remote and dispersed workforces, it’s more important than ever for teams to be able to communicate successfully even when they’re not in the same room. Meeting and Conference room technology is a must when bringing people together for meetings. Regrettably, it does not always operate as smoothly as businesses would want. Here are some frequent meeting rooms problems to be aware of and avoid.

Delayed meetings due to HDMI or AV cables

Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready for a major meeting only to discover that you’re facing connectivity issues due to HDMI cables or your laptop is unable to connect to the projector’s AV cables. These cables and wires make your meeting room look messy and cluttered. Moreover, it’s time-consuming to plug and unplug HDMI or AV cables to connect different sources. This raises your dependence on the IT guy causing delayed meetings which is a significant time-sink for all participants.

Lack of seamless connectivity between devices

Conventional meeting room tools pose serious limitations of connecting multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets simultaneously to a common meeting room display. Participants keep shuffling HDMI cables to run presentations in turn which hampers the information flow and makes the meeting time-consuming. Many conference room systems are incompatible with the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops, limiting connections to specific operating systems or software versions. Also, blurry visuals caused due to outdated displays and dim and chopped-up audio too may disrupt the quality of meetings.

Lack of Audience Participation

Current tools like projectors, TVs, traditional whiteboards etc. do not encourage collaboration, engagement, and audience participation during meetings. When it comes to conference room technology, it becomes an aggravating issue to understand who is speaking and whom to see. It results in people talking over each other, astounding repetition, and diversion from the main issue leading to in-efficient and tedious meetings, lacking creativity or idea generation.

Lack of ease in content sharing

Another extremely common problem that people face with meeting room technology is content sharing, with 58% of people reporting that they regularly experience difficulties and 21% of people claiming that screen sharing in meetings is one of their biggest worries of technology failure. The quality of presentations was rated as better overall when the set-up has run smoothly. In sessions when technical problems occurred participants were 29% more stressed and 10% more nervous during the presentation.

So that you frustrated with juggling devices during your presentation or looking for a way to keep everyone on the “same page”? so, it’s time to step up your presentations to the next level. You can get started by using LatenTech AV, the wireless presentation system that countless office teams use to get work done and share ideas.

LatenTech AV Wireless Presentation System Technology support meetings, empower people, and provide a better work experience multiple presenters get an opportunity to easily share information and no time is wasted when switching between presenters. Wireless presentation system welcomes more people into what genuine, natural conversations as opposed to the old stiff and stale meeting format.

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