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4K Ai Video Bar Kit

Letentech For comference Room

LVB5W is a new generation video soundbar design for medium rooms video collaborations.

The camera is 4K with Ai face tracking and auto zooming feature, and wide view angle of 116°

to cover all the participants in the picture clearly. Built-in 4 microphone arrays with 4 wireless

extension mic for voice pick-up to 10m, hi-fi true voice speaker and most importantly,

with smart dsp for audio processing of acoustic echo cancellation, automatic noise

suppression and gain control.

Ai Smart Zoom and Tracking Function

LVB5 W uses the newly developed Ai smart zoom and portrait tracking function,The camera realizes intelligent tracking, with automatic zoom in, zoom out, and pan functions,Keep the subject always in the center of the screen, and communication efficiency is further improved.

latentech wire less HDMI
LatenTech AV  Ultra HD 4K Resolution with 8M Pixels
Ultra HD 4K Resolution with 8M Pixels

Ultra HD 4K Resolution with 8M Pixels Equipped with a UHD 4K pro-grade image sensor, images shot by LVB5 Wfeature 8 megapixels, which is 4X of a traditional webcam. With superior color reproduction, LVB5 W always presents the best of you. Grab one, begin your story and leave the rest to LVB5 W.

Build in Hi-Fi Speaker

The DSP processor of LVB5 W have made revolutionary progress on overall performance, power consumption and core area. It brings fast and smooth video collaboration experience and fully meet a variety of conference scenarios. Powerful codec capabilities can easily achieve 1080p video conferencing.

LatenTech AV  Build in Hi-Fi Speaker
Keep The Focus On Your Voice

4 intelligent omni-directional microphones pick up voices from all angles within a radius of 16ft (5m), taking your voice quality to a higher level.

LatenTech AV  Keep The Focus On Your Voice
LatenTech AV Noise reduction technology
Noise reduction technology

Focus on what’s being said and help keep echo and noise out of the meeting with 4 smart multi-microphone array. You and your remote participants sound amazing with the high-performance speaker.

4 Wireless Extension Microphones

With 4 wireless extension microphones to enlarge voice pick up range up to 10meters ensure that everyone in the meeting is clearly heard. Suitable for medium to large-sized conference room.

LatenTech AV 4 Wireless Extension Microphones
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