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4K All in One Video
Conference Bar
LatenTech AV All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera

LVB-5 is a new generation video soundbar design for medium rooms video collaborations.The camera is 4K with Ai face tracking and auto zooming feature, and wide view angle of 120° to cover all the participants in the picture clearly.It is build-in with microphone array for voice pick-up range up to 5 meters, hi-fi true voice speaker and most importantly, with smart dsp for audio processing of acoustic echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression and gain control.

Ai Smart Zoom and Tracking Function

LVB-5 uses the newly developed Ai smart zoom and portrait tracking function,The camera realizes intelligent tracking, with automatic zoom in, zoom out, and pan functions,Keep the subject always in the center of the screen, and communication efficiency is further improved.

LatenTech AV All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera
LatenTech AV All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera
4K ePTZ Camera

The 120°ultra-wide angle camera of the LVB-5 is able to capture all meeting participants in its field of view. Additionally, the high pixel count of the LVB-5 helps to ensure that every expression of people within 5 meters is captured and seen.

High-performance DSP Processor

The DSP processor of LVB-5 have made revolutionary progress on overall performance, power consumption and core area. It brings fast and smooth video collaboration experience and fully meet a variety of conference scenarios. Powerful codec capabilities can easily achieve 1080p video conferencing

LatenTech AV High-performance DSP Processor
LatenTech AV All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera
120° Wide-view angle

120° wide view angle, 4K HD lens,

All the participants are clearly presented.

Echo cancellation,
intelligent noise reduction

LVB5 has built-in audio DSP for automatic echo cancellation and intelligent noise reduction. Even in a noisy environment, it can still resist interference to ensure clear audio during conference.

LatenTech AV Echo cancellation, intelligent noise reduction
LatenTech AV True-voice speaker
True-voice speaker

LVB5 uses carefully tuned true voice speakers,

which can achieve 360° sound diffusion, true and full.

Suitable for individuals and small meeting rooms without additional audio devices.

5 Meters Pickup Range

LVB-5 built-in 4 pickup microphones and voice

pickup range up to 5 meters,Make clear and smooth video calls without installing a microphone. With the help of an extension microphone, it is easy to cover a room size of 6*8m, or for 10-15 people.

LatenTech AV All-in-One Video Conferencing Camera
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