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1. Wire-Free Viewing

The biggest advantage of using a Wireless HDMI is the lack of wires cluttering your office. Wires take up a lot of space, and they can be bothersome to look at. This is a great way to manage your cable clutter.

Plus, you don’t need a long cable from your TV/projector connected to your laptop, tables and smart phones, so it looks cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about tripping over them.

2. High-Resolution Picture Quality

Since a Wireless HDMI is the same as a regular HDMI cable, the picture quality is much better. It’s a direct connection between your display and the source device, so it’s sharper and clearer. 4K60Hz high quality resolution, clear image display.

3. Convenient to Use

A wireless connection is more convenient to use than a wired connection. You can move around without being tethered to your TV/projector, and you can carry your laptop, tables and smart phones with you or move your console without messing with a wired setup.

4. Plug & Play

USB powered, no messy driver, no messy cable, you can wirelessly share all the content on the big screen when you connect it. It is very suitable for business talks and company meetings and Share meeting materials and more.

5. Wireless USB TYPE C Transmission

Wireless USB-C Transmitter and Receiver are designed to wirelessly stream video and audio to big display without delay. You could cast any contents from laptop/tablet/smart phone to HDTV, projector, monitor.

LatenTech AV

Different Ways to Use Wireless HDMI Connections

Presentations & Conference Rooms

Giving a presentation is stressful enough. You don’t want to be left looking for a wire and fumbling to connect your laptop to a projector/TV. With a wireless HDMI setup, you simply need to leave the receiver on the projector/monitor and connect with the transmitter. It’s simpler, cleaner, and seamless.


It’s much easier to collaborate in work setting with a wireless connection. This way, everyone can easily connect their own devices to show notes, presentations, images, etc. You also don’t need to huddle up next to the display/wire, making collaboration seamless and comfortable.

Home Entertainment

Wireless HDMI kits are great for home theatre setups with a projector.

Since projectors are usually mounted, it can be difficult to run a wired connection. A wireless HDMI solves that problem and allows you to plug in your whole entertainment system to a display with just one dongle.

LatenTech AV Wireless Screen Sharing Solution

A portable wireless display transmitter and receiver kit that allows you to watch everything on a bigger screen. Simply plug and play without installing any apps or Wi-Fi network. LatenTech AV allow easy and fast wireless mirroring of content from laptops and even tablets and smartphones.

LatenTech AV Wireless Screen Sharing Solution allows you to literally turn any corner of the office into a meeting room. Utilize unoccupied areas in your company and transform them into productive spaces, also known as huddle rooms. Type-C to HDMI Wireless Extender is portable and 4K60Hz high quality resolution, clear image display, it's range is 20m with low latency. No need of any software required, plug and play.

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