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Presentations are a norm whether in offices. We usually see a presenter bring his own laptop, connect the HDMI cable and start the presentation. For Windows laptop users, you must be quite familiar with that scenario, but it’s different for MacBook users. HDMI port. If a MacBook user wants to do the presentation, he may need to bring an USB C to HDMI adapter or a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable.

MacBook users have the issue about screen mirroring. However, don’t forget that we can use smartphones to make slides now. iPhone users have the same issue too. The question is, do we have a convenient and efficient way to share the presentation without preparing lots of adapters or cables? Thanks to technology, the answer is YES. There are many wireless presentation systems you can find on the market. You no longer need HDMI or VGA cables to share the presentation. Therefore, MacBook and iPhone users don’t need to prepare adapters anymore. What’s more, you don’t need to spend time changing the seat and plugging the cable during a conference. Next we’ll focus on wireless presentation systems for macOS and iOS devices and see what options are in the market.

If you need a robust wireless presentation solution for business, we highly recommend you to use LatenTech AV Astrogate Wireless Presentation System. It also consists of a receiver and a transmitter button (USB Type-C) for the laptop. With the transmitter button, you can plug it to your laptop and share your screen fast. You don’t need to install extra software. In addition to Split Screen and multiple people connection at the same time. No matter what operating system or device you use, such as Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices, LatenTech AV Astrogate can support all of them.

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