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Wireless HDMI vs LatenTech AV Astrogate Wireless Presentation Solution

What’s Wireless HDMI?

We used to use a HDMI cable to transmit videos from our device to a display. However, there’s another way to transmit audio and video without the help of a HDMI cable. Wireless HDMI offers a direct connection without wires between your media source and TV. Wireless HDMI uses a transmitter and a receiver to connect to the source and destination. It doesn’t require connection to the LAN or Wifi network. People can sit anywhere they want in the meeting room while sharing slides to TV easily. But if there are people using tablet or mobile devices, they may need additional adapters to share the content. Wireless HDMI doesn’t provide many collaboration features either.

LatenTech AV Astrogate Wireless Presentation Solution

Unlike wireless HDMI, wireless presentation solutions usually require LAN to work. Compared to wireless HDMI, they support mobile, tablet and laptop to wirelessly and easily share content to TV. You can either share content with a specific app or use the modern streaming protocols such as AirPlay and Google Cast to share. Some have various collaboration features, and some support users to hold a wireless video conference in a meeting room. Wireless presentation solutions are easy to use, but they can be more expensive than wireless HDMI.

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